Friday, 5 February 2010

Day 5, Sunday 17th January (14 Days to Go)

I can’t believe the news today. I can’t close my eyes and make it go away. How long, how long must we sing this song?

Yes. It is Sunday. The end is nigh on my darkened and cold weekend in the pit of disconnection. Today was a lazy day. I got up late, pottered around, fidgeted with my new amp and drank quite a lot of Tropicana. I’m probably going to end up as a block of Vitamin C by the end of this ‘experiment’. From today’s schedule it would appear that Tropicana consumption has replaced internet browsing, but I can see tat soon I will have had too much of it, and won’t like it any more, which would be a shame. I reckon there’s one or two more glasses left in the carton. I’m going to have to ration them out for a bit. It’s a good thing that they are currently on special offer at Asda for 2L for £2 or something like that. I’ll have to make a trip there and stock up in case there is a sudden unannounced Nuclear War.

I got the chance to use my next-door neighbour’s Internet today because I had to book some University applicant open days. Despite the fact that it was on a Dell, the sweet taste of World Wide Loveliness came at me like a hot flannel. Luckily, his laptop had Safari for Windows on, so I used that instead of Internet Explorer. This made me as happy as you can be whilst using a Dell.

I also, got a bit distracted while doing this, as I had to sign up my email address to log in and get all the features of Northumbria, I think it was, and while waiting for the confirmation email to come through I floated over to Amazon and might have accidentally bought a little bit of Buckethead… It was the Cuckoo Clocks of Hell. £9, new and with free ‘Super Saver’ postage. (I would have bought it before the 1st of February anyway because I’ve been eyeballing it for a while, so I might as well take advantage of any tubespace I can while I have the chance.)

Look forward to that. I’ll keep checking my emails at school for when it gets posted. I would have bought it from school using the Internet there, but I don’t trust the IT Technicians… They spend all their time in a tiny cupboard filled with keys, and have silly jeweller’s glasses on making endless keys, hoping to find the right one for every door in the world. But obviously, it is understandable that I risk my bank details and identity fraud when you see the original Bucketheadland brand new in cellophane for £14. That’s worth the risk. See the post(s) I wrote about it and how I now own one of the Buckethead equivalents of the Holy Grail.

I have also played/witnessed/experienced the Serious Sam HD Trail Game on the local pervert’s Xbox. He invited me into his house to play it on the condition that I gave him my old guitar amp. I will take my Hard Drive round there sometime and get the full thing so I can play it at my house while drinking lovely ginger beer.

The formula for ‘Smoo’

Ginger Beer + Serious Sam HD = (A Great Day) + (Teed 3)

I doubt that I will ever get round to fully ‘polishing’ this series of articles detailing my holiday in the abyss. By that I mean I probably won’t get the chance/am too lazy to link to the things I reference, masterfully disguised as regular speech. Of course I speak in rhymes and poetic verse and quotations, for “Now I am become Death; The Destroyer of Worlds”, which would be a pretty chilling thing to have creeping into your periph after seeing the first atomic bomb explosion.

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