Sunday, 7 February 2010

Day 7, Tuesday, 19th January (12 Days to Go)

That ‘Mysterious Parcel’ that arrived yesterday was in fact the TakTalk router. I’ve already had a goosey at it even though I cant use it, and it is actually made by D-Link, which makes TalkTalk a bunch of liars because they said it would be made by a company called ‘Huawai’, which from their website, looked like a small Chinese eBay company who make iPod cases and sell them for £0.01.

I checked my emails today at school. It is a sorry place, like war-torn Russia, with women in capes escaping to Gondor. I had quite a few emails, a lot of which I couldn’t actually see because they are made from pictures which are apparently offensive so they have got a stupid ‘YOU HAVE BEEN PROTECTED’ banner along with a badly cut-out Angel of the North. I don’t want to be protected from my own emails. Stop protecting me, Learning Network. I ran the risk of my entire life being hijacked by the shady organisation known as the ‘Technicians’. Like Fontaine, they’re ‘as crooked as a dog’s hind leg’. All day, every day they just sit there, touching wires and disabling cameras so they can get into Casino Vaults. The problem is that they always forget to include the logo on the floor, but by then its too late and they have their money. Danny is a happy guy those days.

It’s a shame they can’t fix a Dell. Oh, wait, they’re broken as soon as they come out the factory. A Har! A Hardilly Har! I went there.

I also am sick of the head of Sixth Form, constantly handing out excuses for why he is ‘too busy to talk’, ‘battling with the cold’ or he’s ‘in a meeting’. The last excuse was said while he was sitting in his box, on his own.

While listening to my daily slice/fix of Buckethead, I have discovered that Botnus from Enter the Chicken is very similar to Magua’s Scalp from Pepper’s Ghost. Not exactly the same, but similar enough to be a copyright violation if they were two separate artists. Buckethead, you sly kitten. He has been known to remake songs under different names in order to ‘fill’ an album, like on Colma in 1998 when he reused Danyel and the backing track to General Butterfly from1997’s Pieces collaboration with Brain, and he reused Hook and Pole Gang from Bucketheadland and named it Gorey Head Stump 2006: The Pageant of the Slunks on Crime Slunk Scene. The odd thing was, though, he had a track called Gory Head Stump on Bucketheadland as well. I don’t know what was going on there.

I’m listening to the extended Forgotten Trail from Albino Slug, another one of my favourites. I’m going to make a list of the top however-many Buckethead tracks. Although, I might not because it’s like all those other projects I try to do. And somebody’s law states that ‘Work expands to fill the time its allowed’, meaning that if you give someone 5 days to do something it will take them 5 days, but if you give them the same task but only allow them 2 days they will still get it done in time. Strange, innit?

I went to ‘the local pervert’s house’ to download SSHD. Yay. It’s a shame that now I don’t have Live at home, it won’t let me play it and says that it’s only a trial version, despite it having charged me the 1200 Points. I’ll ring the Xbox people tomorrow and moan.

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