Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Day 9, Thursday 21st January (10 Days to Go)

Today has been pretty dull. I haven’t done much at all today concerning my battle with sanity. I finished Serious Sam: The Second Encounter on the computer today. I have played through on Normal so I can get it done quickly because all I wanted was the last level, The Grand Cathedral. I played that level on SERIOUS. Fun times.

I have also been trying to get good settings on my amp to make it sound similar to what Buckethead uses on Big Sur Moon. After a while of fidgeting, I found something similar, but now I need to learn to play it.

I also tried to work out the music from the final boss battle on SS: TSE. That factoid is very sad, and it may not reach it to the Blog when this gets posted. I wish I had Serious Sam HD… It would make my life complete for the moment, unless SSHD: TSE comes out, which hopefully it will, very soon. Come on, Croteam. Make it so!


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