Monday, 1 February 2010

The Internet Diary

I have not had any internet for the last couple of weeks. Due to this, boredom and hatred forced me to write the following diary documenting my days in the Pit.

This is going to be a daily diary of my disgusting experiences dealing with the complete end to my Internet connection. After I die (likely to be from boredom), the forensics guys will look at this and see it as a brilliantly narrated descent into insanity from the perspective of the person in question. Hopefully it will help Medical Science in the future once the government finds out that lack of Internet is a direct cause of a slow, painful death.

As a silly sub-plot, I will be putting a load of nerdy/games/music/film/TV/Buckethead/General Knowledge references** in these entries. There might (not) won’t be a prize if you find them all.

**Note that you will have to be scarily like me if you find all of them.

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