Monday, 22 March 2010

Modern Warfare 2

All of my dislike for Call of Duty has been based on two games: CoD 3, (yes, it really did have games before Modern Warfare!) which, incidentally turned out awfully, and Call of Duty 4, which was a good larf to begin with, but once the dreadful campaign (sans that sniper/stealth mission with the Ghilly suits) had been finished, there wasn't anything left to do. The Multiplayer was OK, but nothing compared to games where teams actually matter like Rainbow Six: Vegas.

My definitive review of CoD 4 is: Fun, fun, less-fun, repetitive, tedious. In that order.
*This 'review' will be controversial. If you don't like controversy, don't read. You suck.*
I got to have a goose at Modern Warfare 2 today. I probably had about an hour on it, and I only played it due to curiosity, thinking, it had to be a step up from CoD4, and also I played it in the interest of comedy, and the writing of this award-winning journal.
I played the first three missions on Veteran.
The training was fine. It was in Afghanistan, I shot some targets and was shown how to control stuff. I can't slap a review on this bit. The target-practice/timed assault course sucked in comparison to CoD4.
The second mission involved me shooting blindly into the air with a grenade launcher, trying to hit people on the other side of a river. I got two achievements at once here. Then some guys appeared on the bridge, so I shot them. Then something almost fun happened: I got in a Jeep and shot more stuff, only with a minigun. To sum it up, I drove about, shot stuff, got out of the Jeep, went into a school and killed some more guys, all of which died with the same animation, similar to in CoD4.
Then I met up with some other guys and the mission ended. Not the best opener to a game, I thought, but I soldiered on (I hate puns) in the interest of... boredom really.
Third mission teleported me to some frozen mountain, and I was with Captain 'Soap' MacTavish from CoD4. He isn't called Soap now, and I think he was only Private Soap in CoD4... Anyway, I had to climb up this sheet of ice using awkward controls (RT, LT, LT, RT, RT, LT, LT). I died twice doing this. First two deaths were by falling off a cliff. Whod've thunk it?
Anyway, some more badly scripted 'danger' happened, where I 'almost' fell of again, only to be rescued by Captain 'Soaperman' MacTavish (Sorry, that will be the last one).
After a while he went away and I had to go and put some explosives onto a fuel tank. That took me two tries because apparently people can see through walls when they are driving trucks.
Anyway, I planted the C4, met up with MacTavish and surprisingly, explosions ensued, and bad guys came out to see what the commotion was.
After a bit of shooting, some guys on very convenient snowmobiles came along. A fast bit happened, where I had to shoot people who were chasing me on their own snowmobiles. I seemed to stay in the air for ridiculous amounts of time after going over a jump.
Finally, a badly scripted tree fell over, and me and Captain MacTavish drove away into the sunset.

I realise that three levels of a game probably isn't the best thing to base the whole thing off, but I would expect the first levels to be good so I'd want to keep playing.

+1 Star for having really good graphics.
+1 star for having good sound effects
-2 stars for sucking
-1 star for having a disappointing Training Level.

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