Thursday, 25 March 2010

New Desk, Poster Business

Yes. This post is about me getting a new desk. While it may seem that my Blog posts are getting more and more boring, I should tell you that they are most certainly not. I just don't follow the traditional crowd when I'm writing... I'm too individual, man...
But anyway, I have a new desk. It almost looks like I'm a professional something.

Also, news on the Serj Tankian, Signed Poster Elect the Dead Symphony bundle thing from UKUndercurrent. My poster was supposed to be signed by Serj, but it turned out that it isn't, so as compensation, they rang me up and offered me a free Serj Takian T Shirt instead. I'd prefer a signature, but a shirt is equally as good, considering I was thinking about eventually getting one anyway.
I'll be dingling them tomorrow so I can order it.

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