Friday, 30 April 2010


Yesterday, I visited Bucketheadland and discovered that the main page has changed from the Michael Jackson Tribute song, The Homing/Landing Beacon, and is now replaced by a billboard type sign post thing, and it looks like this:

Look at that. He appreciates me. He is clearly talking about/to me personally, considering I am his Number 1 fan.
Who knows what it all means...
Perhaps he's having some time off, perhaps he's planning something big like another Limited Edition album or ISOT Part 2 - Maybe he's found 'The...'.
Maybe he's getting a new passport so he can come to the UK...
Maybe all he means is that he'll be updating the site a bit more often now (The Michael Jackson tribute has been there since June 2009), and we all know how Greg couldn't handle the maintenance of the Slaughterhouse.
I s'pose I'll have to just wait and find out.
Maybe Bucketheadland 3?

The mind wanders...

Bootsy Collins wrote this on his Twitter yesterday:
Doing a track for "Buckethead" on my new album right now. If u thought Buckethead was incredible before, wait til you get a load of this!

Ahh, the plot thickens. Perhaps it actually is another Bucketheadland CD, considering Bootsy was on the last two and did bass and some voices. Maybe he means its another Praxis CD.

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