Saturday, 24 April 2010

I hate Keys.

Last week I won a Snarling Dogs Wonder Wah off eBay, and it arrived today, 6 days later. The only problem is, I missed the item, and the Royal Mail guy drove of before I could get the door open. This was entirely because I couldn't find any keys, and for some ridiculous reason, the door was locked. So I now have a stupid little card saying they missed me, and I have to collect it on Monday.
I can't understand why the door had to be locked in the first place, and the worst part of it was that I saw him driving out the street as I opened the door. Missed him by about 4 seconds.
Now all I have is a condescending little card looking at me with the word Monday on it's face. I hate those cards. They are the bringers of hatred and death.

Also I can't understand why most of the time I get parcels delivered I miss them after the Post Office has actually closed. Why can't it stay open like everywhere else? 12:30? Really? Also it should be open on Sundays like almost everywhere else. I't not the middle ages anymore.
One more thing, why does it take 24 hours for a parcel to be returned to the Post Office about 4 miles from my house but that very same parcel can travel 5000 miles from America in under a week?

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