Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Snarly D - The Definitive Review

I finally got me a Snarling Dog. I'm feeling it. Like I might have already said, I got it used off eBay for £36 and £5 postage. I can't believe postage was this cheap - The actual thing is made of solid metal and weighs about 3KG.So that's a pretty good dealio as far as I'm concerned. I would have liked to be able to get a Mold Spore with the few effects on it, but those are pretty expensive - Around £100 used.
So anyhow, it's used. What the guy on eBay didn't put into the description was that there are a few scratches in the paint (which I can deal with) and also that the battery cover plate is missing off the bottom, and to fix this, he has put a strip of duct tape over it. I'll try to find a cover that will fit, but the tape does it's job I s'pose. I also need to get a new cable to go between the pedal and the amp. Currently I'm using a double-ended 3.5mm headphone jack cable with two 6.3mm adapters on each side. Crude business.
Also, the Dog's face glows in the dark, which I didn't know. Also, it's eyes light up when you step on it/turn it on, so despite the crude use of tape, it still looks better than that silly Vox I was going to get. (Also, my liking of Vox has dampened a bit since the last 'incident'.)
So... I might put a video/demo up of me displaying my mad skills on the guitar and Wah-ness. Then again, I might not.

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