Friday, 2 April 2010

YouTube has turned PooTube

YouTube has a new page design. I don't like it.
The Star-based ratings system has been replaced by an awful, Facebook reeking Like/Don't Like button, and videos which I 'Like/Don't Like' will be put into a list for me to review later. I don't want to have to review a list of videos that I don't like.
The Commenting system has changed too, and it is now directly under the video, along with the description, which should be on the side. Also, the name of the person who uploaded the video is now where the title of the video used to be, and it now is all squished together in one, messy little stump.
Related videos column has also changed, and is no longer a scroll-bar. It is now simply a pile of stationary videos which extend to the bottom of the page. The column which used to have the 'More from this user' label has now moved to the stump above the video, and now requires me to press a button, which animates a drop-down thing and shows me all the videos in a grid.
I have made many, many points about my slow internet, and now it takes at least 10 seconds to load this drop down menu of related videos.
Another speed-related issue is that all of these videos I have just watched are setting themselves to be in 480p resolution. I can't do that. I struggle trying to load the 360p version, never mind the 480p.
This is just like the time when the Xbox Dashboard changed from a perfectly functional, good looking, child-unfriendly and warm place to the Wii-ripoff based mess its in now.

I might even send them an email out of hatred and anger. I don't like having things changed which I can't customise myself. I don't like being forced to use a new system, because Facebook is popular, and I don't want to have to put up with bad YouTube performance because apparently the rest of the world has internets speeds which can cope with it.

Get it sorted, YouTube. When I moaned about 1Password here I got a personal reply from Dave Teare, AKA Mr. 1Password himself, so make of that customer service what you will, even though you are only a faceless corporation.
In case you haven't seen the trend, I don't like change. It never leads to a good thing.

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