Sunday, 23 May 2010

Buckethead - On the Mend

Good news!
It comes from the ever so tight-lipped Bootsy Collins, who posted on his Twitter:
Yeah Bucketbots! I talked to Buckethead today he wants to thank everybody for the prayers, hope in 3 wks he be in "Boot-Cave"
That sounds like good news. He'll be safe and happy in the "Boot-Cave"... It's a top-secret location I'm guessing...
Is it a gigantical coinky-dink that I was listening to On the Mend by the Foo Fighters when I read this news?

Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Rejuvenation of Klaus II

Today, the building of the new Klaus has officially begun. General Klaus is one step closer to existence. I went to a little hardware shop where I could get individual sheets of sandpaper rather than a pack of 20 (which I won't need), and I got a few sheets of 120, 150, 180 and 220 Grit. They were 20p each.
So, this afternoon, I assaulted Klaus with a Black and Decker Mouse, armed with the 80 Grit pads I got from B&Q. It took more effort than I thought it would to get it off, especially the clear, hard shiny outside bit. Once the outer coat was off, the paint underneath just melted off.
So, here is Klaus after I attacked him with a sander:

Here he is again, but after I brushed off the main bulk of dust. I thought I'd put some of the stuff on to see what it looked like. I think it's smoo. The wood is a better colour than I thought it would be, and it is less pink (like salmon) and more wood coloured (like... wood).
Imagine how spiffing it would look with my leather pickguard...

^ Click to embiggen

There's still a few orange patches on it, and also the edges and most of the sides haven't been sanded properly yet, so from here it's going to be all by hand. The Mouse is back in the box, and it's time to bring out the wooden block and some sandpaper.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Not a Good Sign

A few days ago I posted about the latest update to Bucketheadland, and how the front splash page has changed the first time since last year.
Well, Bootsy Collins assured us he was still alive via his Twitter account, but today there have been a few more messages posted from him, also relating to Buckethead.

This one was posted yesterday, May 13th, on Buckethead's (now confirmed) birthday:
Okay funkateer's I Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my best friend Buckethead, say a prayer for his speedy recovery, he's doing better!
I don't like the term 'speedy recovery'. What has happened? Nobody apart from Buckethead and apparently Bootsy know what's happening...

Then, just after that, he posted this:
Been going though some skeletorial Pain that has set him back a few notches but with yalls support he will bounce back.
Oh. The plot thickens. In a bad way. Skeletorial pain doesn't sound like much fun at all... (I think Bootsy means to say 'skeletal', 'skeletorial' isn't a real word.)

Today, Bootsy then posted this:
teh The Road will beat you down even when you take care of yourself, Pain throughout his body, Doc don't know yet what it is!
It isn't looking good on the Buckethead front. Whenever a Doctor doesn't know what's wrong with you, you know it isn't good.

All we can do is hope he gets better. Bootsy already said 'with yalls support he will bounce back.'
Obviously Slip Disc is trying to stop Bucketbots from having big fun.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Rejuvenation of Klaus I

I have finally begun dismantling, disassembling and de-soldering my Telecaster, Klaus.
I bought it with the sole intention of modifying it, and getting to know how to do some businesses with a guitar, and maybe a power tool or two...
So anyway, step 1 was to take the actual thing apart. This meant taking off the strings, unscrewing the pickups and unsoldering the connecting wires, and organising everything (and the appropriate screws) into piles, and then into labelled bags, such as 'PU Neck', 'PU Bridge', 'Control thing' and 'Strap holders'.
Then I took the neck off, which was surprisingly easy as well... I thought there would be more than just four screws holding it on.
So then, it looked like a trip off to ye olde B&Q was in order. I needed to get a few grades of sandpaper, ranging from 80 Grit at the coarsest and then 150 Grit, and finally down to something around 180-200 Grit to smoothen the wood before putting the new layer of lacquer over it.
I'll be getting this Light Tint Gloss Lacquer from Steve Robinson who owns and runs Manchester Guitar Tech, who makes all the lacquers himself and sells them on to normal people as well as Fender and Gibson.
Hopefully, after all the lacquer has been applied and has dried (well, I hope), I also intend to buy a custom Leather Pickguard from Doug Halliday at, who fashions all kinds of amazing stuff from leather. Luckily for me, I'm feeling the simpler, cheaper option of PG-13, but most likely in a darker, more 'antiqued' looking colour. I contacted him and he got back to me saying that Pickguard in a different colour would be $38 in total, which includes shipping to the UK. I'd say that was pretty good for a custom made leather pickguard.
Here's a picture of my 'workshop' in my garage and the disembodied Klaus, sat next to his own neck and a box full of his organs:

^ Click to embiggen

Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Election

"What is Democracy?"
"S'got something to do with young men killing each other, I believe..."
"When it comes to my turn, will you want me to go?"
"For Democracy, any man would give his only begat son."

I don't care about the election. I don't care who gets 'into power' and when, and I barely know the difference between the 'other two' parties. (Those are the ones who aren't Gordon Brown, I forgot the names.)
I don't really believe that people have any say over what happens, despite living in a 'democracy', and I think that the party which gets into power has already been decided, and no matter what votes and numbers say, nothing will change that. They only let people vote so that they feel like they have a choice and think that they are making a difference, but really they aren't.
I also think that all parties and politicians are the same, and no matter who gets into power it will still be the same outcome. (See Nineteen Eighty-Four.)
My reasoning of backing this up is that if the 'Cannabis Party' got the most votes, i.e, 99%, with their one and only policy of legalising cannabis, do you really think they would get any power at all? There is no way that it would be allowed to happen, despite what the 99% of votes have said. 'They' wouldn't let that happen.

Also, the Royal Family are all Lizards, the Moon Landing was shot in a garage in Arizona and Lady Ga Ga is an Illuminati puppet.

I didn't vote.

This was a pretty serious post, so I'll lighten it up with a little game:

What rhymes with 'Election'?
Have a thinky, and highlight the below text to find the answer.

Never saw that coming, didja?