Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Election

"What is Democracy?"
"S'got something to do with young men killing each other, I believe..."
"When it comes to my turn, will you want me to go?"
"For Democracy, any man would give his only begat son."

I don't care about the election. I don't care who gets 'into power' and when, and I barely know the difference between the 'other two' parties. (Those are the ones who aren't Gordon Brown, I forgot the names.)
I don't really believe that people have any say over what happens, despite living in a 'democracy', and I think that the party which gets into power has already been decided, and no matter what votes and numbers say, nothing will change that. They only let people vote so that they feel like they have a choice and think that they are making a difference, but really they aren't.
I also think that all parties and politicians are the same, and no matter who gets into power it will still be the same outcome. (See Nineteen Eighty-Four.)
My reasoning of backing this up is that if the 'Cannabis Party' got the most votes, i.e, 99%, with their one and only policy of legalising cannabis, do you really think they would get any power at all? There is no way that it would be allowed to happen, despite what the 99% of votes have said. 'They' wouldn't let that happen.

Also, the Royal Family are all Lizards, the Moon Landing was shot in a garage in Arizona and Lady Ga Ga is an Illuminati puppet.

I didn't vote.

This was a pretty serious post, so I'll lighten it up with a little game:

What rhymes with 'Election'?
Have a thinky, and highlight the below text to find the answer.

Never saw that coming, didja?

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