Friday, 14 May 2010

Not a Good Sign

A few days ago I posted about the latest update to Bucketheadland, and how the front splash page has changed the first time since last year.
Well, Bootsy Collins assured us he was still alive via his Twitter account, but today there have been a few more messages posted from him, also relating to Buckethead.

This one was posted yesterday, May 13th, on Buckethead's (now confirmed) birthday:
Okay funkateer's I Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my best friend Buckethead, say a prayer for his speedy recovery, he's doing better!
I don't like the term 'speedy recovery'. What has happened? Nobody apart from Buckethead and apparently Bootsy know what's happening...

Then, just after that, he posted this:
Been going though some skeletorial Pain that has set him back a few notches but with yalls support he will bounce back.
Oh. The plot thickens. In a bad way. Skeletorial pain doesn't sound like much fun at all... (I think Bootsy means to say 'skeletal', 'skeletorial' isn't a real word.)

Today, Bootsy then posted this:
teh The Road will beat you down even when you take care of yourself, Pain throughout his body, Doc don't know yet what it is!
It isn't looking good on the Buckethead front. Whenever a Doctor doesn't know what's wrong with you, you know it isn't good.

All we can do is hope he gets better. Bootsy already said 'with yalls support he will bounce back.'
Obviously Slip Disc is trying to stop Bucketbots from having big fun.

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