Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Rejuvenation of Klaus I

I have finally begun dismantling, disassembling and de-soldering my Telecaster, Klaus.
I bought it with the sole intention of modifying it, and getting to know how to do some businesses with a guitar, and maybe a power tool or two...
So anyway, step 1 was to take the actual thing apart. This meant taking off the strings, unscrewing the pickups and unsoldering the connecting wires, and organising everything (and the appropriate screws) into piles, and then into labelled bags, such as 'PU Neck', 'PU Bridge', 'Control thing' and 'Strap holders'.
Then I took the neck off, which was surprisingly easy as well... I thought there would be more than just four screws holding it on.
So then, it looked like a trip off to ye olde B&Q was in order. I needed to get a few grades of sandpaper, ranging from 80 Grit at the coarsest and then 150 Grit, and finally down to something around 180-200 Grit to smoothen the wood before putting the new layer of lacquer over it.
I'll be getting this Light Tint Gloss Lacquer from Steve Robinson who owns and runs Manchester Guitar Tech, who makes all the lacquers himself and sells them on to normal people as well as Fender and Gibson.
Hopefully, after all the lacquer has been applied and has dried (well, I hope), I also intend to buy a custom Leather Pickguard from Doug Halliday at, who fashions all kinds of amazing stuff from leather. Luckily for me, I'm feeling the simpler, cheaper option of PG-13, but most likely in a darker, more 'antiqued' looking colour. I contacted him and he got back to me saying that Pickguard in a different colour would be $38 in total, which includes shipping to the UK. I'd say that was pretty good for a custom made leather pickguard.
Here's a picture of my 'workshop' in my garage and the disembodied Klaus, sat next to his own neck and a box full of his organs:

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