Monday, 21 June 2010

The Boxer

Today I got my copy of The Boxer by Kele Okereke. I preordered it about two months ago off because I would get a 'Limited Edition' signed copy.
So, it's come today, and it is signed! (Suck on that, UK Undercurrent!)
So far, it's a pretty good album. It's a lot like Intimacy by Bloc Party, but also has bits of the other two albums by them as well, but mostly from Intimacy with hints of A Weekend in the City, like a fine wine. But, it's very clearly not Bloc Party. It sounds very similar and has a similar style, but there's something about it which makes it not Bloc Party.
So far, the standout tracks are Everything You Wanted, The New Rules and Yesterday's Gone, with the last one being quite similar to Ion Square by Bloc Party.

Mmmm... Signatures...

These images were uploaded with my new Photobucket account, because I don't want to keep using the Dropbox Public Folder for my images.

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