Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The HomeHub

If you remember the last time I had internet problems, it turned into a month-long saga involving phone calls to TalkTalk/Tiscali and BT. I wrote an account of the horrors I witnessed during this down-time, detailing what I had done to save myself from insanity caused by disconnection.
Anyway, it appears that I now have yet more problems, only this time with BT's HomeHub repeatedly losing connection for around 1 minute at a time. When we first got it, we were told that in the first 10 days it may occasionally restart because BT were 'testing the line' (I reckon it was seeing how much speed they could shave off before we noticed). So then it was fine up until about a month ago, when it disconnected, but I assumed it was just an update, and I was used to disonnections happening almost daily with Tiscali, so I didn't pay any attention to it. Recently, it has started to disconnect on (or around) the hour, probably about 5 times per day. By this I mean anywhere between x:50 and x+1:10.
I know it's peak periods, but that silly estate agent guy on the advert is moaning about his internet because '''alf the worwd's onloine!'' but then that other guy off My Family is thinking: "Yeah, you should have got BT" (just like how I think "Should have got a Mac" when everything goes wrong on Dell-Boys). I don't think I'm getting 'consistently faster broadband, even at peak times'.
I've also noticed it gets pretty hot as well... I don't know if it's supposed to, but it does. I mean, pretty hot, like fry-some-eggs-on-it hot.
On the super-massive plus side, when I am connected I'm getting speeds 10x faster than I was putting up with from Tiscali - When not in peak times, I previously got about 14-25kbps download, 3-10kbps upload, but now I'm getting up to 200kbps download and 30-40kbps upload. Serious improvement considering the phone lines where I live are made of cheesestrings or something...

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