Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Levels

I've just completed my last A Level exam ever!
Today it was the second module of A2 Biology.. And I think it went really well. There was only 2 questions which I didn't know the answer to after thinking about them and they only added up to 4 marks in total. (One was about Genotypes and the other about the genes involved in Body Maps of a Drosophila Fruit Fly)
The other exams I had have also went pretty well... I had a AS Chemistry resit from January and also the second module of AS chemistry, which hopefully went better than the first time.
So.. Other than getting my results I never have to go back to that awful prison-hospital thing. The worst part of Sixth Form was having to share the building and resources with the lower school childs, most of which didn't want to be there or abused everything in their power. And they stunk, were full of disease and made everything sticky.

I now have an AS Chemistry OCR textbook for sale if anyone here wants it.
£9+Postage... They are £15-17-ish new, and mine is as new apart from a bit of tea-stain on the edge of some pages... Spillage happened. Comment if you want it. I like PayPal.

Tonight I'm going to watch Hancock I've had off LoveFilm for a few days now, and I'm going to play some games, kill some aliens on the Xbox and get some Southern Comfort to suck on. It's going to be an anti-revision par-tay in my house tonight.

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