Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Rejuvenation of Klaus III

Yesterday I finally found some 240 Grit sandpaper in the garage and decided to finish off the sanding of Klaus.
The 240 Grit got rid of all the tiny little white lines and scrapes off the body, but I think I'll still have to redo the sides before it's completely finished. The top of it is pretty hard to sand evenly.
Anyway, soon I hope to get some Butterscotch paint from ManchesterGuitarTech... One tin should do, so I'm only going to buy one and then if I need more I'll buy another one. I know that if I get two initially I'll only use half a tin or something.
I'll get the Clear Gloss lacquer a few weeks after the Butterscotch because it takes about 3-5 weeks (!) to harden anyway depending on the weather, humidity and temperature.
Here's some more pictures to clap yo' eyes on:

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