Monday, 14 June 2010

The Xbox 360 Slim

So... Microsoft has announced their newest version on the Xbox. It's shiny, black and pointy and looks like a nerd's gaming PC which he thinks looks cool. I think it's pretty hideous.
However, on the plus side, it now has built-in WiFi, which means no more silly expensive USB wireless receivers. WiFi should have been on the 360s from launch, really. Also, it's now thinner and has both an internal Hard Drive and an internal power supply. I don't like the internal HD at all. What if I needed to take my hard drive and put it on another Xbox? What if it breaks and you have to send it to Microsoft? You'll have no save games when you get it back.
The little Memory Cards have now also gone, being replaced by Microsoft's rubbish version of USB mass storage.
So other than that, there's not much change on the inside apart from a smaller, cooler chip (hopefully to avoid the dreaded Red Ring of Death).
On the outside, apart from the new hideous angular design, there is actually a nice on/off button, which looks to be made of chrome... Or shiny silver plastic.
The controller has also had some slight changes to match the new box - The analogue sticks are now black rather than grey and the Guide Button matches that of the on/off switch, whih I like. I'd consider buying one of them if I need a new controller, but knowing how much Microsoft love money it probably won't work with old Xboxes unless you buy a £60 adapter and subscribe to the Controller Service for £40 a year.
That stupid Project Natal is also official now, with a real name... It's now been ever-so-cheesily called 'Kinect' (See what they've cleverly done there? It's like 'connect' but using the word 'Kinetic' as well because it's movement based... Har-har!). It's a silly device. There won't be any more information about it on this Blog... Not in my name!

UK Pricing has it down for a surprisingly cheap £199, which makes it almost identical to the US pricing of $299. The UK may actually get it £2-3 cheaper. Amazing.

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