Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Best Regards - A Review Foreword

I will be eventually writing a somewhat in-depth review of Best Regards. It might take some time, because I'm both forgetful and lazy. Also, the long-promised review of In Search Of The... took a good few months to finish (I had it saved as a Draft for ages) and was only actually completed and uploaded a few weeks ago, where it received [not so] much critical acclaim.
I will be holding off on one of my world famous 'Definitive Reviews' for a few reasons, other than the laziness and forgetfulness listed above: My Blue Disc doesn't play at all. I tried on my CD player, iMac and Xbox, and none of them played. I emailed Travis and he is sending me another one out. I got an email reply within 1 minute of sending it - That's what I call good customer service.
I will also hopefully get a review of Alan Wake up shortly... I finished that the other day. Pretty good, I think, but not without a few irritating drawbacks. And I also want to do a post about the book I've just finished reading: A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon. I thought it was actually better than The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Google Has Turned Poogle.

The new Google Images Search is awful.
I can't be bothered to wait around 30 seconds for the page to load about 10 miles worth of images just so I can click on 'Switch to Basic Version' only to have the page load again.
When clicking on an image, it takes you to the host site, only with a silly box in the middle, which the image never fits into because it's either been shrunk or overly enlarged.
If I decide that I want to actually look at the site, then I click on the X in the corner which makes the page load again.
Maybe if I had faster tubes I could use this. It isn't that I don't like it, but it's that I can't use it. Also, the image sizes are not visible until I mouse-over the image, which takes loading time, up to another 5 seconds.
It's tedium.
I'll use it for a bit longer to see if there is an option to permanently change back to the original Images search... But if not then I will start using another search engine.
Come on, Google. Nobody likes/uses/wants Bing. There is no need to try to better it by doing the same thing with image search.

I have managed to make a crude fix, with some help from Lifehacker.com.
So: I use iGoogle as my Homepage. I like it. It has gadgets and all that which I use, as well as links to my GMail.
I added a gadget to the page which allowed me to store links I use regularly, so I used the same thing as in the above link, and searched for the word 'Google'.
In the URL, I then changed it to add '&sout=1'. This makes it display the old, better, cleaner, easier to use settings.
I have also added this link to my Bookmarks bar, so I never have to use the new Google Image search again.
I don't know whether to feel proud of myself or sad...

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Best Regards II

Today my set of Best Regards turned up in the post, in great condition, and without any stupid people ransoming it back to me at customs.
I got #3. Nobody knows how many are being made, but I think it's up to the #500-600 now, so probably either 999 or 1000.
I'm glad I got in there quickly!
Number 3.
Numero Tres.
Nr. Drei.
Número Trois.
The Big Dog.
The Lord of the Rings.
The Bourne Identity...
I got carried away.

Anyway, enough chit-chat!
You want pictures, and pictures thou shallt receive!
You'd better put seatbelts on your eyes, 'cos they are going for the ride of their lives:

It's a good day.
Speedy shipping as well.

Sunday, 18 July 2010


My favourite Month is November. It has the best of everything: Cold sunlight, beautiful Autumn colours, dark nights.
Sometimes I feel like I just wish that it would be Winter again. There is something about late Autumn and Winter that I love - Not Christmas or my birthday, but I just love the dark nights, rain hitting against my window, going outside in the freezing wind but being warm under a massive coat. Listening to Electric Tears with a big a mug of tea or Horlicks, looking outside at the wind and rain and feeling cosy.
That smell that's in the air which smells like it's about to snow, the wet leaves on the ground, in beautiful colours and shades of reds and orange. I like it how I think of this scene and can see, feel, smell and hear everything as though I was there now.
I like going away for the weekend in a cottage in the country, sitting out in the crisp air at dusk and admiring the beauty of everything around me. Being able to smell the log fire smoke from the chimney.
It's times like these when I wish I lived in somewhere like Canada, where I imagine it to be snowy for most of the year, but even when the sun is out, the air is still cold and crisp, and each morning the grass outside has frozen.
Despite having a horrendous Winter in this country last/this year, I still want it to come back, even though when we were in it we couldn't see the light of Spring.

You feeling that?

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Best Regards

Remember In Search of The...? Well, when that was first released in 2007, the firs 999 copies were hand drawn, signed and numbered by Buckethead himself. After that first batch of 999, they were all the same, like mine is.
Today, I was innocently perusing on TDRS Music, and lo and behold, I was slapped with this lovely, but entirely out-of-the-blue surprise.

It is a new Limited Edition box set, with 5 coloured CDs and around 4 hours of music. It is called Best Regards.
The people involved are Buckethead, Brain and an unknown someone called Mellisa, who is playing the keyboards. I have no idea how many of these limited copies will be produced, what is on them or what else to expect. I ordered them without a second thought.
Here is all the information on the set which was provided by Travis, on THIS page:

New! Limited edition box set from Buckethead and Brain.

"Best Regards"

5 discs of all original music. Each disc set is hand drawn and numbered by Buckethead, Brain and Mellisa.

Burned to colored CDr's and housed in a 5 disc case.

Brain-drums and keyboards
Mellisa-keyboards and percussion

Orange Disc:
Track 1: 13:00
Track 2: 13:24
Track 3: 19:22

Blue Disc:
Track 1: 9:50
Track 2: 19:37
Track 3: 15:02

Green Disc:
Track 1: 30:00
Track 2: 10:17

Yellow Disc:
Track 1: 13:06
Track 2: 12:58
Track 3: 9:28
Track 4: 11:35

Purple Disc:
Track 1: 17:05
Track 2: 31:53

The unnamed tracks and the absolute immensity of this looks like it could be like a smaller ISOT, but I think that Buckethead only does really strange, sometimes unlistenable stuff when he's on his own. Other people seem to make him do structured music.
I'm hoping for each disc to have it's own sound. Or for it to be a large set of Population Override or Dragons of Eden styled tracks, but I never know what to expect from Buckethead.
I should have it in 1-2 weeks. I can already see that they are going to drag along until I get this. I love this. Me, the proud father of a Limited Edition Buckethead boxset.
It is a good day.

Friday, 2 July 2010

BT, Ich haße Sie.

The Broadband is starting to go downhill again. Ever few hours, sometime on the hour, I get slapped with this picture:

Sick of it.
Is BT so different from Tiscali? Looks unlikely.