Sunday, 25 July 2010

Google Has Turned Poogle.

The new Google Images Search is awful.
I can't be bothered to wait around 30 seconds for the page to load about 10 miles worth of images just so I can click on 'Switch to Basic Version' only to have the page load again.
When clicking on an image, it takes you to the host site, only with a silly box in the middle, which the image never fits into because it's either been shrunk or overly enlarged.
If I decide that I want to actually look at the site, then I click on the X in the corner which makes the page load again.
Maybe if I had faster tubes I could use this. It isn't that I don't like it, but it's that I can't use it. Also, the image sizes are not visible until I mouse-over the image, which takes loading time, up to another 5 seconds.
It's tedium.
I'll use it for a bit longer to see if there is an option to permanently change back to the original Images search... But if not then I will start using another search engine.
Come on, Google. Nobody likes/uses/wants Bing. There is no need to try to better it by doing the same thing with image search.

I have managed to make a crude fix, with some help from
So: I use iGoogle as my Homepage. I like it. It has gadgets and all that which I use, as well as links to my GMail.
I added a gadget to the page which allowed me to store links I use regularly, so I used the same thing as in the above link, and searched for the word 'Google'.
In the URL, I then changed it to add '&sout=1'. This makes it display the old, better, cleaner, easier to use settings.
I have also added this link to my Bookmarks bar, so I never have to use the new Google Image search again.
I don't know whether to feel proud of myself or sad...

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