Sunday, 18 July 2010


My favourite Month is November. It has the best of everything: Cold sunlight, beautiful Autumn colours, dark nights.
Sometimes I feel like I just wish that it would be Winter again. There is something about late Autumn and Winter that I love - Not Christmas or my birthday, but I just love the dark nights, rain hitting against my window, going outside in the freezing wind but being warm under a massive coat. Listening to Electric Tears with a big a mug of tea or Horlicks, looking outside at the wind and rain and feeling cosy.
That smell that's in the air which smells like it's about to snow, the wet leaves on the ground, in beautiful colours and shades of reds and orange. I like it how I think of this scene and can see, feel, smell and hear everything as though I was there now.
I like going away for the weekend in a cottage in the country, sitting out in the crisp air at dusk and admiring the beauty of everything around me. Being able to smell the log fire smoke from the chimney.
It's times like these when I wish I lived in somewhere like Canada, where I imagine it to be snowy for most of the year, but even when the sun is out, the air is still cold and crisp, and each morning the grass outside has frozen.
Despite having a horrendous Winter in this country last/this year, I still want it to come back, even though when we were in it we couldn't see the light of Spring.

You feeling that?

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