Monday, 23 August 2010

I Done a Binge

Since I have started to get some money in the bank, I have suddenly amassed a lot more stuff than I would have from (mainly) Amazon.
It started with a simple celebratory purchase of a White Coily Cable from Bullet Cables. I bought that as consolation for not winning a Snarling Dogs Whine-O Wah pedal off eBay. That really annoyed me when I lost that because my internet was too slow to place another bid in the final seconds.
Then I floated to Amazon, goosing my Wish List and picking out my most desired things from that. To date, I have Peep Show Series 6 on DVD, Come Down With Me by Errors, Lucas amd Kissing the Rain by Kevin Brooks, Unison and Cobra Strike CDs from TDRS, A massive Flaming Lips Poster, a preorder of Imperfect Harmonies by Serj Tankian, an Aphex Twin T-shirt, a Praxis/Transmutation press poster kit (in the post now) and Break the Cycle by Staind.
Quite a binge, I think.
And I will get paid again in three days, so, it will be another worthy reason to buy more stuff.
I'm thinking I need Maggot Brain by Funkadelic and Alchera by Heirs next. And I need to get Transmutation on CD...

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